Our Mission
Our corporate mission at Geothermal Worldwide, Inc., include the following:

1. Promoting implementation of our methods commonly called the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" for generating electricity by efficiently harnessing the limitless source of geothermal energy without polluting the environment and in the process start preserving our environment from further degradation;

2. Licensing our unique systems: the "Self Contained In-Ground Geothermal Generator" (SCI –GGG) system; "Self Contained In-Ground Heat Exchanger" (SCI –GHE) systems; and "In-Line Pump" to interested and capable parties worldwide.

As population on our planet increases there is constantly increasing demand for electricity. Beside the enormous importance of providing a desperately needed solution for a clean energy supply for current and future generations and preservation of our environment, the implementation of the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" will also be a tremendous boost not just for the U.S. economy, but economies worldwide and also will reduce worldwide tensions caused by deficiency in contemporary energy supplies.