Main Objectives

Main objectives of the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" - the (SCI-GGG) & (SCI-GHE) systems:

1. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" technology/methods complies with proposal by President Obama for Climate and Energy Legislation at recent State of the Union address.

2. By implementing "Scientific Geothermal Technology" technologies, we can stop polluting our planet with nuclear, coal and oil burning power plants and their toxic waste and start producing clean electricity from abundant geothermal source for our current and future generations.

3. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems are not limited to only windy days or 12 hours of daylight. It produces electricity constantly 24 hours per day regardless of weather condition on the ground surface.

4. The heat from hot rocks can be accessed easier in some areas especially at the tectonic crustal plate boundaries (also called "ring of fire") than in other, but eventually, necessary heat can be reached and used from any location and every country has potential to access that limitless heat source and produce electricity by implementing our "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems.

5. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" methods don’t require hydrothermal reservoir as it is the case in contemporary Conventional Geothermal Power Plants or constant supply of substantial amount of water in order to operate as it may be the case in experimental Enhance Geothermal System (EGS).

6. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" methods eliminates need for controversial fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing);

7. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems needs a single well bore to function and no need for hydrothermal reservoir although is not limited to dry hot rocks - apparatuses can be lowered into existing hydrothermal reservoir.

8. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems is a completely closed loop system and eliminates the EGS issues of injection water, concentration of brine, filtration, separation, equipment corrosion and scaling, and ground water pollution.

9. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" technology uses several closed loop systems and at no time is there any contact with the environment by the working fluid or the heat exchange fluid therefore it doesn’t pollutes environment.

10. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" methods don't induce earthquakes as it may be the case with experimental Enhance Geothermal System (EGS).

11. Modular implementation of the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems creates immediate revenues and allowed continuation of buildups of additional modular unites.

12. Location flexibility of the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems allowed buildup near existing grid.

13. The power plants with "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems have relatively small land use footprint per unit of energy generated due to deep in ground equipment and relatively simple and compact above ground equipment, and no storage or back-up power requirement. In fact ground surface can be seeded with green grass or have secondary use.

14. Power plants implementing the “Scientific Geothermal Technology” (SCI-GGG and/or SCI-GHE system) will outperform any conventional geothermal power plant at the same location. How? – Because "Scientific Geothermal Technology” uses several completely closed loop systems and only absorbs heat from the heat source. It neither injects fluids into the ground nor pumps up geothermal fluids on the ground surface. Dirty ground fluids do not pass through the equipment.

15. The cost for implementing the “Scientific Geothermal Technology” especially SCI-GHE system, in planed power plants instead of conventional technology would be less expensive. Power plants implementing the SCI-GHE system will be dealing with less limitation and less maintenance expenses therefore projects will generate more profit.

16. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" can be deployed by drilling wellbores or can be suspended with cable over lava flow (lava tube) in locations such as Hawaii.

Additional indirect objectives and benefits of the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems:

17. By implementing "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems, we can free us from oil dependency and save hundreds billions of dollars which we are spending annually just for importing oil which is depleting.

18. By producing relatively cheap electricity we can produce hydrogen (H) from water which can be used in cars as a fuel (combustion process or electrochemical process - fuel cells). Also, sprinkling water into container with Boron, hydrogen can be produced instantly which would eliminate hydrogen storage problem. After use the boron-oxide can be reverse back to boron by using our relatively cheaply produced electricity.

19. By producing relatively cheap electricity we can produce liquid ammonia (NH3) from sea water and as a byproduct have also desalinized water and salt which both have economic value. With high expectation liquid ammonia can be used as a fuel in combustion engines.

20. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems are a breakthrough technology/methods which will boost, not just the US economy, but economies worldwide into new prosperity era and possibly reduce worldwide tensions mostly caused by desires to control limited and depleting energy sources such as oil.

21. As a futuristic thought: If drastic climate change happens, whether man caused such as overheating of our atmosphere or naturally accrued such as new "ice age", the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" systems will have decisive role in our survival by providing electricity for building underground cities and necessary heating, lighting and farming for their existence. Also, "Scientific Geothermal Technology" system could be useful in exploring Moon and other faraway planets with geothermal capacity - producing electricity where sun light is not sufficient.