Our Technology

We at GEOTHERMAL WORLDWIDE, Inc., have developed a new methodology for harnessing geothermal energy – a much better way than conventional geothermal systems and/or experimental Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS), both of which have serious shortcomings. The "Self Contained In-Ground Geothermal Generator" (SCI-GGG); “Self Contained In-Ground Heat Exchanger" (SCI-GHE) systems; and “In-Line Pump” commonly called "Scientific Geothermal Technology" consist of several designs and variations which are complimentary and not limited to each other. They can operate separately in many different applications in energy sectors.

In summary – We all know that enormous energy is below our feet – whether it is a few miles underground or on the surface in locations such as Hawaii. The question was, until now, how to harness it expediently and efficiently?

Our methods use several completely closed loop systems..
Apparatus is lowered into predrilled wellbore – electricity is produced at source of heat and transmitted up to the surface by a cable.

The "Self Contained In-Ground Geothermal Generator" (SCI-GGG) system consists of a Boiler; a Turbine; a Generator; and a Condenser.
We are using already proven technology (Boiler; Turbines; Generator; Condenser) configured so to function in limited space such as a well-bore.
The Boiler is exposed to the hot rocks - the engine compartment is thermally insulated and cooled with second closed loop system.

The second closed loop system is engaged with third closed loop system on the surface, which is Binary Power Unit, and can function separately as an independent apparatus - the "Self Contained In-Ground Heat Exchanger" (SCI-GHE) system.

The Power Plant with "Scientific Geothermal Technology" will produce electricity at lower rate than contemporary geothermal plants. That is because contemporary technologies deal with many limitations and high maintenance expenses.

The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" can be deployed by drilling wellbores or can be suspended with cable over lava flow (lava tube) in locations such as Hawaii.