The energy industry is the biggest industry in the world right now and is continually growing. The profit for companies and individual investors who will participate in implementation of the "Scientific Geothermal Technology" (SCI-GGG and/or SCI-GHE systems) is expected to be in trillions of dollars during next 20 years. Harnessing geothermal energy effectively is THE solution for our current and future generations energy needs.

There are five Licensing Proposal Options: A, B, C, D and E

A. Partnership (stockholders);

B. License for Exclusive right;

C. License for Limited rights by a region;

D. License for Limited right by a single country; and

E. License for Limited right by a single project;

If any of options “C”, “D” or “E” has been purchased by someone (License with limited right for a region, single country or a single project), then option “B” (License for “exclusive right”) will be still available but will exclude that particular country, region or project. Initial pay and required number of power plants produced will be reduced accordingly.

Those options are intended for serious participants capable of production and those who can afford substantial investment.

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Professionals in energy industry, academics, more specifically geothermal professionals, especially those who are in process of planning or developing new geothermal projects should be aware of this new technology and should seriously consider this opportunity on time. There are really two options to choose from:

1. To continue with production of electricity using obsolete, expensive and/or environmentally unfriendly technologies; or
2. To purchase one of licensing agreement options and start legitimately to produce electricity by implementing our effective and environmentally friendly technology (SCI-GGG and/or SCI-GHE systems) and in process generate more profit.

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