News Release
Nikola Lakic Fulfills Tesla's Vision of Dropping Geothermal Systems Down Where the Heat Is

Geothermal Worldwide, Inc.'s patented technology presents a radical approach to harnessing geothermal power by boring a fairly large hole and lowering the boiler, turbine, and generator down where the heat is, rather than using water or other fluids to bring the heat to the surface. They also have technology for boring the large diameter hole, enabling geothermal to be installed just about anywhere. (PESN; March 26, 2012)

GEOTHERMAL RESOUCES COUNCIL - BULLETIN - 36TH Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada 2012

Nikola N. Lakic, CEO of Geothermal Worldwide, Inc. explains his posters to Mr. Greg Stillman of the DOE.

NOTE:   We are not claiming that we have "The Invention of the Century" but if our invention can solve our energy problems and provide limitless energy supply for our current and future generations while preserving our eco-system from farther degradation - then our invention may well be IT.