Welcome to Geothermal Worldwide, Inc.
For the longest of time people have been asking the intriguing question: "Will we be able in the future, "somehow", to use efficiently the heat of the deep, hot dry rock formations of Earth's crust, and possibly even deeper, almost unlimited energy in Earth's magma"?
The answer on that intriguing question is "yes" – finally, we can utilize limitless internal heat from our planet by using our innovative methods "Self Contained In-Ground Geothermal Generator" (SCI-GGG) system and "Self Contained In-Ground Heat Exchanger" (SCI-GHE) system, shortly called "Scientific Geothermal Technology" and produce electricity without polluting environment therefore enormously contributing to preservation of our eco system. The "Scientific Geothermal Technology" is THE solution for our current and future generations' energy needs.